Partnersi for the society

We are present on the Polish market from 1994 year. We take part in its transformation and we grow together with it. We grow up to challenges which the changing reality creates for a contemporary company. We value the ability to grow up because it requires apprehension and fast reactions. Growing up also means skilful perception of its own place in the world. That is why acting in line with the rules of social responsibility in business is an important element of a company's development strategy.

Our aim is to spread good practices among Polish companies and PR agencies. As a founding member of Public Relations Companies Association (Związek Firm Public Relations) we co-create standards for Polish market of public relations. As a socially responsible company we take part in actions that are beneficial for the whole society.

Partner of Promotion for „Spartans for Kids” Foundation

Partner of Promotion agency started doing pro bono work for “Spartans for Kids” Foundation in 2013. The agency's task is to run press office, provide a full range of media relations and consulting services. Moreover, the agency is responsible for promotion of the Foundation charity events.

“Spartans For Kids” Foundation was established in 2011 as a running team, which brings together people who want to combine two of their passions – long-distance running and helping children with disabilities. Spartans ran their marathon debut at the 33rd Annual Warsaw Marathon in 2011. And since then, they've run all marathons dressed up in ancient Spartan costumes and cover the entire murderous distance of 42.195 km in a compact group, in armor – with helmets on their heads and spears and shields in their hands. All to draw attention to the issue of disabled children and their families. Over time, the vision has grown and Spartans created a non-profit association that was finally transformed into Foundation in 2014. “Spartans for Kids” has always supported a number of charities and is regularly involved in raising money for many causes. Until now, they ran 7 marathons and many other shorter races – from 5K to the half marathon. Number of group members have now passed 100 and is still growing. They are the largest running charity group in the country.

With the help of Partner of Promotion Spartans initiative became the symbol of charity running in Poland. They collected over 200 thousand Polish zlotys for charity and carried out their own charitable activities called: “Run for Staś”, “Run for animal therapy for disabled children” and “Run for disabled children whose parents run”.

Charity campaign ”Run for Staś”, organized during the Cracovia Marathon in 2013, brought the largest number of awards including:

1. Golden Clip Award 2014 in “Sports, Tourism and Recreation” category
2. Social Campaign of the Year 2013
3. IPRA Golden World Awards in “PR on a shoestring” category
4. 2013 Silver Magellan Award (Top 25 best communication projects in the world)
5. 2013 Bronze Stevie Award

In 2014, „Spartans for Kids” Foundation organized their first charity event called “Heart Run” under the slogan “Every lap counts”. The event was attended by more than 1000 runners from all over the country. Joining forces with runners helped to raise 72 thousand Polish zlotys. Partner of Promotion agency was the general partner of the event.

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Foundation's website:
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Event “Heart Run” website:
Event “Heart Run” fanpage:

„Mam Marzenie” Foundation

Partner of Promotion is a partner of Mam Marzenie Foundation. The agency supports fulfilling children's dreams by PR activities. This is another example of the agency's social engagement on a pro bono basis. The cooperation agreement has been signed for an indefinite period.

The mission of Mam Marzenie Foundation is fulfilling the dreams of children suffering from the life-threatening illnesses. The Foundation brings happiness and other positive emotions to children and their families, who can forget the suffering for a moment, enjoy positive experiences, gather the energy to fight the illness and raise hope for the future. The Foundation started its activities in 2004. Currently it is organised in 16 local groups of volunteers in each voivodship in Poland. By now, the volunteers fulfilled over 6 400 dreams.

Partner of Promotion supports the foundation by communication services and managing the press office of the Foundation. The agency consultants have also trained the volunteers from all local offices in effective media relations.

„Warsaw Marathon” Foundation

„Warsaw Marathon” Foundation was founded in 2002. Its main mission is popularization of running in Poland, support for both professional athletes and amateur runners and improve organizational standards of running events. The Foundation organizes: Warsaw Marathon, Warsaw Half-Marathon, Accreo Ekiden and a series of running events "Warsaw Marathon Cup". Agency Partner of Promotion has worked with "Warsaw Marathon" since 2011. The cooperation is based on a pro-bono.

Social Committee for AIDS with Partner of Promotion

Partner of Promotion PR agency became a co-organizer in the campaign “Projekt Test’ conducted by the Social Committee for AIDS. The aim of this action is to increase knowledge about the threat of HIV infection and the ways to avoid it. This year, the campaign is dedicated to a mother, a father and a child, because of the fact that early detection of HIV infection during pregnancy can protect health of a woman, a child and a partner. Knowledge of the infection during pregnancy gives almost 100% chance to avoid infecting a baby. In this way, one test can protect three lives. A key element of this campaign is to prepare an exclusive calendar with photos of Polish stars approaching motherhood consciously and responsibly. At the end of the project, there will be an exhibition of photographs which will be held on 2nd of December 2013 on the World AIDS Day.

Partner of Promotion is supporting a project on pro bono principles. The cooperation includes PR communication of the entire project, as well as the organization of sessions, the production of the calendar and attracting partners and media sponsors.

Social Committee for AIDS was established and formally registered in February 1993 as an initiative of people who were for many years associated with the issue of HIV prevention and care for people lives with HIV and AIDS. The association mission is to spread information, increase education and provide care in relation to HIV / AIDS epidemic.

Project website:
Film backstage:
Material DDTVN (TV):

Partner of Promotion battles stereotypes

Partner of Promotion has been supporting Big Beautiful Women (BBW) project since 2011. The agency is a strategic partner for the campaign organizer – Association for Supporting Social Development and Leveling Opportunities “Socrates”. BBW project aims to show that XXL size women, contrary to stereotypes, are beautiful and ambitious and they succeed both in professional and private lives.

As part of the project, Partner of Promotion oversees public relations and supports campaign’s organizer in acquiring sponsors and media patrons. Partnership also includes assistance in organizing special events, such as photo shoots and exhibitions, as well. Thanks to Partner of Promotion’s activities, Big Beautiful Women project arises big interest amongst key media and public opinion.

BBW project helps the society to realize that plus size women can not only be attractive but full of passion and dreams as well. Women taking part in the project wear size 42+ and want to inspire others with their attitude and ideas for life.

The core of the project is to organize few dozen artistic photo sessions, shoot by the best Polish photographers. Women portrayed are beautiful, curvy and attractive, presented in various stylizations. Therapeutical impact is an important factor in the project, for models and recipients alike. These photographs prove that, regardless of a big size, everyone can obtain their career goals, follow their passions and, most importantly, be happy. Each edition finale will conclude with exhibition of photographs of XXL women.

Second edition of the project “SUCCESS is not only for size S” has been running since May 2012

Project website:
Publication: Modelki w rozmiarze XXL. Foto
Press info: Modelki XXL bohaterkami wyjątkowej sesji zdjęciowej
TV program: Modelki XXL bohaterkami wyjątkowej sesji zdjęciowej

Drugs? What do I need it for?

Partner of Promotion has become partner of National Bureau for Drug Prevention (KBPN) campaign „Drugs? What do I need it for?”. This is a third project run by KBNP in cooperation with the agency. This time, campaign’s organizers aim is to convince the youth that life without drugs can be fascinating and interesting.

As part of the partnership, Partner of Promotion has been carrying out public relations activities aimed at young people and media relations. During the campaign, special actions will be held in night clubs and discotheques. Dedicated website,, has been created as well, through which young people can share their passions; also, Facebook profile has been set up. PR strategy aims to reach as wide audience as possible. Adequately used communication tools will allow to show young people that, in order to live their lives to the full, they do not have to use drugs for that.

National Bureau for Drug Prevention campaign is a reaction to research results, which shows that drug consumption amongst Polish youth is in decline. The aim of the project is to strengthen positive attitudes amongst teenagers and overcome general belief that most young people use drugs. Through this campaign we want to help teenagers realize that it is not taking drugs that is the norm. Moreover, this project is supposed to convince young people that they can still pursue their outstanding hobbies without psychoactive substances – Piotr Jabłoński, Director of KBPN explains.

Partner of Promotion and National Bureau for Drug Prevention campaigns so far aimed at decreasing the number of intoxicated drivers and helping young people realize that driving under the influence of drugs is as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol.

Emergency care "Betlejem"

Family Emergency Care Center, which is called "Bethlehem", exists since 2005. Monika and Janusz Kosmowski take care of children who stay in the center until their legal situation becomes settled and regulated. After that, the children are adopted by foster families or they go back to their biological parents.

For more information about "Bethlehem" see the website:

The Agency supports the Center by providing children with toys, school equipment or things useful during holiday trips.

Partnersi for public service

Partner of Promotion actively supports socially important initiatives. In 2011, the agency supported “10 kwietnia” foundation on pro bono principles. The establishment of the organization was inspired by the idea of ​​representatives of the business community. Foundation objective was to help children whose parents or guardians have died or suffered serious body injuries while performing a public service. The first support has been provided to families of those who died in Smolensk air crash in April, 2010.

Partner of Promotion activities included PR consulting, running the press office, helping the foundation to implement the statutory objectives and supporting the marketing actions. For instance, the agency was responsible for the organization of the charity auction during the Employers Ball in Poland and for the participation of 131 representatives of military service in Warsaw Marathon.

The largest companies operating in Poland (including Agora, Aviva, Fiat, Kulczyk Holding, Netia, Orange, Play, Orlen, Tauron), created "10 kwietnia" foundation in order to appreciate the importance of military service for the country and to support families that suffer from loss. The support was provided for the children of people who were injured during their public service, also including soldiers, police officers, firemen or employees of public administration. The aim of the foundation is to support the educational process and in particular - financially support intellectual or educational needs of individuals.

Foundation website:

Give them a future

We became the partner of the “Give them a future” campaign in spring 2005. We concluded the cooperation agreement on PR activities with the Municipal Office of the Capital City of Warsaw conducting the campaign. The main objective of the “Give them a future” campaign is to draw attention to the social problem which consists in prejudice against orphans brought up in public child care homes, to promote the concept of respite care and to win understanding for this concept among the residents of Warsaw. The task of Partner of Promotion, as the campaign’s partner, is to cooperate with the Social Politics Bureau of Warsaw Municipal Office with regard to public relations activities addressed to the media and selected groups within the environment.

“You're on drugs? Don't drive! Mind goes off after alcohol and drugs.”

Partner of Promotion again supports second edition of social campaign of National Office Against Drug Abuse called “You're on drugs? Don't drive! Mind goes off after alcohol and drugs”. Aim of the project is to prevent people who have taken drugs or drank alcohol from driving cars.

Similar to the first edition of campaign, the agency will be responsible for media relations and current public relations activities that are directed to youngsters. This year’s edition of communication is based on building positive relations with young people. This time, creation is using language of youngsters and invites them to dialog by asking a philosophical question: “And You - how do You come back home?”

One of the things, that was included in project, was a start of a web page with fundamental information about effects of alcohol and drugs on drivers. Users of this portal will also find, contest bonded with campaign idea. Just like the first edition, second edition of “You're on drugs? Don't drive! Mind goes off after alcohol and drugs” is involving whole media spectrum: television, radio and press commercials. Targets of campaign actions are young drivers in the age of 16 – 25, their passengers, frequenters of clubs and discos as well as their parents.

After the studies of National Office Against Drug Abuse, which monitors polish drug scene, experts have asked a question: do young people know, that drugs, as well as the alcohol, have influence on ability to drive? Answers that came out after studies were staggering - it was found out, that young people don’t, even in small percent, have awareness of drugs influence on organism. That was the time when idea of campaign “You're on drugs? Don't drive! Mind goes off after alcohol and drugs” was born. The aim of the first edition of the campaign was to show youngsters, in the way that will get to them, that they expose themselves and others to dangers driving after drug use. Communication of new edition maintains positive tone, based on principles of partnership and dialog with youngsters. Consumers of campaign now have knowledge about dangers lurking behind driving vehicles on drugs. Now it is vital to encourage them to plan a safe homecoming, when going out to party.

Commercial prepared by, advertising agency Martis:
Campaign web page:

Ferdynand Dziedzic International Chess Memorial

Play chess with Partner of Promotion

Since 2011 Partner of Promotion supports, on pro bono basis the largest, one-day chess tournament in Poland – Ferdynand Dziedzic International Chess Memorial, which in 2014 has reached the rank of Polish Individual Chess Championships. Agency is one of the main sponsors of the tournament and conducts the press office of the event.

The largest one-day chess tournament in Poland every year gathers not only the best Polish players, but also the world’s grandmasters elite. It is also a unique opportunity for fans and chess enthusiasts to take a look at the best players in action and to challenge them. The tournament is organized in open format and anyone can take part in it.

The main goal of memorial is to promote chess and honor the memory of prominent trainer and educator of many generations of chess players – Ferdynand Dziedzic. The tournament was created by members of the Youth Sports Club – “MDK” in Trzcianka to commemorate his achievements related to training young players. Partner of Promotion agency is a partner of the tournament from the very beginning, leading media relations and ongoing public relations activities.