• Eventiada IPRA Golden World Award 2021

    Eventiada IPRA Golden World Award 2021

    We are pleased to inform you that the project "The only alcohol that saves human life" implemented by us for MEDISEPT has just been recognized as the Best Campaign in Central Europe in the international competition Eventiada IPRA Golden World Award.

    As part of this project, together with MEDISEPT, we fought for public health in Poland in the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. The competition jury appreciated the activities aimed at counteracting the crisis in supplying the health service with disinfectants.



  • PR Wings 2021

    PR Wings 2021

    Partner of Promotion agency received 4 statuettes in the #PRWings competition organized by the Association of Public Relations Agencies during the Congress of Public Relations Professionals in Rzeszów.
    The awards went to:

    Corporate PR "The first sticker that saves human life" project implemented with PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.

    Crisis Communication "Spirit is worth its weight in gold" is, of course, MEDISEPT

    Business to Business Communication "Conperio - PR activities as a springboard for business"

    Communication on international markets "Communication of the Renault E-TECH range in the Baltic States"

  • Sabre Awards 2021

    Sabre Awards 2021

    Implemented by us together with PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. the "Safe crossing - barrier at risk" campaign won in one of the most prestigious international PR competitions - #SabreAwards. The winning campaign increases Poles' awareness of safety in railway areas. Thanks to the innovative solution - "Yellow sticker" with emergency telephone numbers at railway crossings, the number of emergency calls increased, which allowed to stop dozens of trains and prevent tragedies.

  • The Highest Quality of the Year 2021

    The Highest Quality of the Year 2021

    We owe this distinction to the summary of Partner of Promotion activities in the difficult - because marked by a pandemic - year 2020. We appreciated the high quality of service, the increase in revenues by over 10% and the increase in the number of customers. The care for employees during the pandemic and the maintenance of the same level of remuneration for the entire team were also emphasized.

  • Golden Clips 2019

    Golden Clips 2019

    Partner of Promotion agency was awarded with three statuettes in this year's "Golden Clips" competition.

    As many as two collective clips in the "Corporate PR" "Industry and Infrastructure" received the project "Electromobility in Polish Heaven", we cooperate with Fortum. The goals of the campaign were to educate Poles in the field of emission-free transport.

    The bronze in the Automotive and Transport category was also won by the "Lomotywa service guarantees" queue, on the railings, for the benefit of PKP PLK.

    "Golden Clips" for the prestigious prestigious awards of Polish PR. The aim of the competition is to select the best PR campaigns carried out in the passing year. The organizer of "Golden Clips" is the Association of Public Relations Companies. Detailed information on the competition can be found at http://www.zlotespinacze.pl/.

  • Creator of the Polish Luxury Goods Market 2019

    Creator of the Polish Luxury Goods Market 2019

  • Golden Clips 2018

    Golden Clips 2018

    Partner of Promotion agency won three awards in the Złote Spinacze [Golden Clips] competition for projects carried out in 2018.

    The jury awarded silver statuette in the category “Anti-crisis or Crisis Communication” to the campaign carried out by the Agency and The National Poultry Council – Chamber of Commerce – “Prawda kontra sensacja - ochrona wizerunku polskiego drobiu” [“Truth versus Sensation – Protecting the Image of the Polish Poultry”]. 

    Partner of Promotion won the second silver award in the “Beauty, Hygiene and Wellness” product PR category for the campaign carried out for P&G and Head&Shoulders brand entitled “#GoScalpBrave. Fryzury na Mundial” [“#GoScalpBrave. Hairstyles for the World Cup”]. 

     “Internet naszego dzieciństwa, czyli Podwórko Talentów NIVEA” [“The Internet of our Childhood. Talent Playground by NIVEA”] campaign carried out for NIVEA, received bronze statuette in the “Sustainability & CSR Communications” category. This project has successfully changed Poles’ approach towards spending time with children and initiated a genuine social movement.

    Golden Clips are the most prestigious awards in the Polish PR industry. The competition’s aim is to select the best PR campaigns with breakdown by industry and type of activities. More information: http://www.zlotespinacze.pl/.

  • Golden Clips 2017

    Golden Clips 2017

    Partner of Promotion won six statuettes in the Złote Spinacze [Golden Clips] competition, including two main awards for projects carried out in 2017.

    The jury awarded golden statuette in the “Anti-crisis or Crisis Communication” to the “ekoENERGIA dla Krakowa – od kryzysu do sukcesu” [“ecoENERGY for Krakow – from Crisis to Success”] campaign carried out by the Agency and Krakowski Holding Komunalny S.A. The project was also awarded silver clip in the “Industry and Infrastructure” category.

    Partner of Promotion won the second golden clip in the “Real Estate, Construction, Home and Interior” category for the “Droga do Oscara” [“Road to Oscar”] campaign carried out with Ghelamco Poland.

    Silver in the “Sport” category was awarded to the “#BiegamDobrze, czyli biegam i pomagam” [“#RunGood. Run & Help”] campaign carried out by the Agency and the Warsaw Marathon Foundation. Simultaneously, the campaign received silver clip in the “Social Event” category.

    Bronze in “Media Relations” category was awarded to the “Relacje medialne trampoliną dla biznesu” [“Media Relations – a Springboard for Business”] carried out by the Agency for Conperio.

  • Golden Clips 2016

    Golden Clips 2016

    Partner of Promotion PR agency has won two statuettes in the Polish contest “Złote Spinacze” for the projects completed in the year 2016.

    The campaign “Open a door to Israel” has received a silver statuette in the category of NGO and Public Sector. This project has been organized by Partner of Promotion together with the Embassy of Israel. Thanks to this initiative, the image of modern Israel has been enhanced in the eyes of Polish society. The jury highly rated the effectiveness of PR activities.

    The project “Pampers and UNICEF one wish” has received a bronze statuette in Product PR category. This campaign successfully engaged consumers in the fight against neonatal tetanus in Africa - a dangerous disease of infants which every year collects a high death toll.

  • Book of Lists 2016/2017

    Book of Lists 2016/2017

    Partner of Promotion once again took first place in the ranking of Book of List 2013, among all PR agencies in Poland. 

  • Stevie Awards 2016

    Stevie Awards 2016

    Partner of Promotion PR agency won two Stevie Awards 2016 statuettes at the prestigious International Business Awards competition. Jury of more than 200 professionals from around the world appreciated the projects: "STIHL POZnan Ice Festival" and "Pampers & UNICEF One Wish".

  • European Excellence Awards 2014

    European Excellence Awards 2014

    The jury of the international competition European Excellence Awards once again appreciated the work of Partner of Promotion. Projects implemented by the agency have been shortlisted among 1,600 submitted applications. The jury awarded two public campaigns: "50+ on the work market" implemented for the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and Human Resources Development Centre (category "Government & Agencies") and "Project Test: Generation Minus" conducted jointly by the Social AIDS Committee and PofP agency (categories: "Poland, Russia, Ukraine," and "Health").