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Partner of Promotion, 15.11.2016

The changes in management board in Partner of Promotion

The largest PR agency in Poland has a new member of the management board. Anna Hahn-Leśniewska, our former Client Service Director was appointed a Vice-President of the company.

Anna Hahn-Leśniewska has been working with Partner of Promotion since 1999. She started her work in the agency as an assistant, and before that she worked as a journalist at Gazeta Wyborcza and Życie. For almost 10 years, together with the team of directors she has been responsible for coordinating activities for all clients of the agency. “This change is just a formal validation of the current management structure in the agency. Everyone who had an opportunity to get to know Partner of Promotion closer already knows that for many years. Anna Hahn-Leśniewska has been my right hand and a trustworthy person”, said Paweł Trochimiuk, CEO and owner of Partner of Promotion.