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Partner of Promotion, 22.06.2017

Silver Plate – new, strong player in event industry.

Partner of Promotion, the largest PR agency in Poland, is expanding its group with a new entity. Silver Plate is officially starting its business.

Silver_Plate_logoThe founders of a new agency are specialists with many years of experience in organizing events and implementing PR activities - Tomasz Motyl, Kuba Śliwiński and Paweł Trochimiuk.

- We will avoid common paths and well-known concepts. We believe that extraordinary ideas and innovative approach to organizing events guarantee our partners a sense of well-invested funds - says Kuba Śliwiński, Silver Plate CEO.

Kuba Śliwiński has 15 years of experience in the event industry. He has worked both for a client and for an agency. Throughout his career he has already organized hundreds of events, many of which are recognized as industry benchmark.

Tomek Motyl is a television producer and director with 25 years of experience. So far, he has performed more than a thousand productions, including the most important and most popular TV programs with the greatest Polish and world stars.

Paweł Trochimiuk is an expert in PR, strategic consulting and management. In 1994 he founded PR agency - Partner of Promotion - an undisputed leader in public relations industry in Poland. In 2011 he created United in Partners Group – several companies that constitute marketing communication platform using all the tools available on the market to promote and build a brand image.

Silver Plate becomes a member of United in Partners Group, at the same time expanding its portfolio with new event competencies. The group currently includes: Partner of Promotion the largest PR agency in Poland, Tailor & Baker creative agency and PR Premium agency dedicated to luxury brands.